About us

KURY GROUPE is an international company 100 % dedicated to the nuclear field, which designs technical systems by combining computer technology with an in-depth knowledge of the following fields:

Our Locations:

KURY GROUPE has opened several agencies to support locally its clients and their different nuclear projects throughout the world:
- KURY INGENIERIE, the first company, split into 2 agencies: Paris (New Reactors) and Marseille (Existing fleet),
- KURY ENERGY, located in Shenzhen and dedicated to the nuclear activities in China,
- KURY UK, located in Bristol and dedicated to the nuclear activities in the United Kingdom.

Our Solutions:

KURY GROUPE can provide its know-how in technical studies, expertise or project management, via technical assistance and on a fixed-contract basis.

Our Performance Guarantee:

KURY ensures anytime the quality of the requested service (design, expertise, project management, quality control, modifications..), no matter what is the agreed contractual form.
KURY INGENIERIE is certified ISO 9001 v2008 for the quality of its system designs.

Our Trainings:

KURY GROUPE has set up an internal training programme in order to ensure skill improvement for its engineers (both initial and on-going trainings throughout their career).
Supporting our younger staff members is essential for us ; we have implemented a Mentoring System, pairing young employees with experts.

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