We can provide both technical assistance (on site) and outsourced studies (in our office).


KURY GROUPE is involved in designing, developing, testing, verificating and validating systems as well as in Nuclear Safety and Opeating Process.

  • Electricity and I&C
  • Studies for I&C architecture design and modifications for nuclear power plants.
    Design of electrical systems (switchboards, chargers, instrumentation, diesels, cables...).
    Automatic Validation processes for nuclear power plants systems designs (simulation).

  • Safety
  • Safety licensing, Safety reports - feasibility safety assessment for I&C systems.
    Hazard studies (fire, explosion hazard, flood, ...) and set up of related processes.
    Loss of electrical power supply support studies and risk analysis.

  • Operating Process
  • Fluid Systems Design within a nuclear power plant, in the nuclear island, conventional island and balance of plant.
    Analysis and design of emergency (accidental and incidental) operating procedures for nuclear power plants.

  • HVAC
  • Modelisation of thermal dissipation, heat loads and exchanges.
    Design and modification of HVAC systems.

Response to calls-for-proposals in the context of New Nuclear Builts. Technical support to offshore teams.

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